Nov 2015 30

Performance Paddling presents Taco Tuesday’s at the Quickblade Flume.  A new collaboration with Quickblade’s Jimmy Terrell and Anthony Vela.  A unique evening of paddling, fun, food, and stories.  The first one sold out in less than a day!

The evening started with an introduction to the Flume by Jimmy.  Then he walked everyone though what to expect when paddling in the Flume.  Followed by some insightful tips on technique.  Everyone had a chance to paddle in the Flume withJimmy, watching every angle of their stroke, and getting immediate feedback.  One of the beautiful things about the Flume is that you can make adjustments and see them right away.  This training tool is an invaluable resource in itself.


Anthony Vea goes through some Indo Board exercises.  The Indo Board is an extremely functional tool that can help with balance in all sports.  During this portion of the evening Anthony guided participants through several lower and upper body exercises.  As well as several balancing, stretching, and fun exercises.

Part of the evening included eating tacos while hanging out with Jimmy, Anthony, and the other participants.  Everyone was also treated to some delicious Ty Ku Sake.  Thanks to everyone who came to the 1st Taco Tuesday at the Quickblade Flume.

Next Dates:  December 8 & December 15

There are only 12 spaces per night!

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1st Annual Salt Life Pacific Paddle Games
Nov 2015 02

The Performance Paddling Training Club had a huge presence at the Inaugural Salt Life Pacific Paddle Games presented by SUP Magazine.  There were about twenty members that competed in the groundbreaking event, and another dozen who helped volunteer.  Thank you to the event sponsors for making this event happen.  It was an incredible event for the future of our sport, and extremely exciting.  In case you missed it completely, one of the best parts, you can still go back and watch the webcast, which was one of finest ever produced in stand up paddling.

There are so many stories it would be difficult to tell them all.  From Kelly’s first race ever, to Scott’s broken handle, to Susie pushing her body past the breaking point, to Kristen’s two overall wins, to Jack’s sprint finishes.  Congrats to everyone who was in any way part of this incredible event.  Already looking forward to next year.

Training Club Members Results

Genna Flinkman 1st 18-29 Distance 6-mile, 1st 18-29 Technical
Gretchen Benedetto 3rd 50-59 Distance 6-mile
Jeanne Trimm 2nd 40-59 Distance 3-mile
Jennie Sandvig 2nd 30-39 4th Distance 6-mile
Kelly Hunter 10th 40-49 Distance 6-mile
Kristin Kaczmarek 2nd 18-39 Distance 3-mile, 5th 30-39 Technical
Kristin Thomas 1st Overall Woman Technical, 1st Overall Woman Distance 6-mile
Maggie Adams 1st 40-50 Distance 3-mile, 2nd 50-59 Technical
Susie Kiley 6th 40-49 Technical
Tomoe Yasu 2nd 40-49 Technical, 3rh 40-49 Distance 6-mile
Val Ells 4th 50-59 Distance 6-mile
Veronica Wold 11th 40-49 Distance 6-mile
Candice Appleby 1st Pro Distance, 1st Pro Technical, 1st Overall
Bryan Harwood 15th 50-59 Technical 14′
Dave Boehne 44th Pro Technical
Dave Meyler 5th 40-49 Technical 14′
Jack Wygal 2nd 40-59 Distance 14′ 6-mile, 3rd 40-59 Technical 14′
Jason Meffe 3rd 40-59 Distance 14′ 3-mile
Jeff Balaban 15th 50-59 Technical 14′
John Andel 1st 18-29 Distance 12’6″ 3-mile, 5th 18-39 Technical 12’6″
Justin Van Dyck 4th 40+ Technical 12’6″, 4th 40+ Distance 12’6″ 6-mile
Karl Ring 62nd Pro Technical
Mick Vollmer 4th 18-39 Technical 12’6″
Ryan Kynsh 66th Mens Pro Distance

Thanks Salt Life, Sup Magazine, Olukai, GoPro, West Marine, California State Parks, Dos Equis, and all of the sponsors.

Click to watch the Live Webcast


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