2nd Annual Youth SupFiesta A Huge Hit
May 2014 07

May 5, 2014 — Bolsa Chica State Beach, City of Huntington Beach

More than 75 kids from Brazil, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, Molokai, Oregon, Florida, Arizona, Utah, North Carolina, and all over California came to compete in the only event dedicated entirely to the future of our sport, our youth. The 2nd Annual Performance Paddling Junior Pro and Youth Sup Fiesta, was just that. A fiesta of fun inspired by the talented youngsters of our fast growing sport. With blue skies, seventy to eighty degree weather, and 2′-4′ consistent surf, the stage was set for a memorable, and for some, life changing day.

As the images start to emerge from the event, it is hard not to be inspired, shocked, amazed, flabbergasted, and absolutely blown away by the determination and skill of all who participated. As the consistent 2′-4′+ sets rolling in over the sank bank of Bolsa Chica’s low tide, dozens of young athletes prepared to race in conditions that would challenge, of not frighten most adult paddlers. There were several athletes to whom had never raced through the surf before, so it was definitely uncharted ground for many. With athletes from all over the United States, Hawaii and three from Brazil, each age group race on was stacked! Waves continued to pour in as these brave kids lined up for the start of their races. The waves were double, triple, even quadruple overhead, and that did not stop them. As the sets rolled in and the butterflies rolling around in the tummies of these pint sized paddlers, it was pure inspiration, as the crowd of spectators watched them brave what was shoulder to head high surf, for most of them. Given the challenging conditions, many of the younger age group paddlers were given one on one attention through the surf by the Sup Fiesta Water Patrol. An esteemed group of watermen appointed by Candice and Anthony, who’s first priority was keeping the children safe. Image being about 10 years old, and in one of your first races through the surf, with the likes of Zane Schweitzer, Chuck Patterson or Matt Becker personally escorting you, just to name a few. As each child hit the sand and started their run to the finish line there was a look of pride and confidence on EVERY child’s face. And this was just the start of the day. These challenging conditions surely set the stage for a day full of inspiring performances from our sports young. The SupFiesta slogan is “Youth inspiring Youth,” but in reality it should be, “Youth inspiring Youth, inspiring everyone!”

Following the seven heats of racing was the start of the Junior Pro Invitational. Nine boys and nine girls were invited to compete in the worlds only Junior Pro SUP Surfing contest, with an equal gender prize purse of over $5000. The level of surfing that was shown in the waves at Bolsa Chica was nothing short of incredible. From the first rounds through the finals every heat saw some of the most progressive maneuvers ever performed by groms in a contest. With the double elimination format, all Junior Pros were able to surf at least twice, allowing them to gain momentum throughout the day of competition. And that’s exactly what our event winners did. Big congrats to the young champions Mo Freitas and Fiona Wylde for their consistent performances that lead to their victories. The level of surfing that was displayed, was certainly eye opening and inspiring.

Beyond the newly crowned Junior Pro Champions Mo and Fiona, there were also some incredible stand out performances in the surf including the young Kai Mc Phillips who posted a 9.33 on one of his rides, and Brazil’s Felippe Gaspar who won the 12-14 age group for surfing and also placed second in the Boys Junior Pro division. One the girls side of things, the always impressive Izzi Gomez put on and incredible performance through out the entire event, posting the highest scores for the ladies, and laying down so serious rail turns. Young Hawaiian, Sasha Ka’uahane also put on quite an inspiring performance for the ladies, with aggressive top turns and serious commitment on every wave.

In last year’s inaugural event, there were no double winners. This year there were six! Congrats to Marvin Freitas, Kai McPhillips, Sasha Ka’uhane, Felippe Gaspar, Fiona Wylde, and Mo Freitas for winning both the race and surf events. What an accomplishment!

Special thanks to Kristin Thomas, Lynelle Ring, and Karl Ring for all of the help and being the first to arrive, and last to leave. You all went above and beyond.

Thanks to all of the water patrol for keeping the children safe: Zane Schweitzer, Chuck Patterson, Jack Bark, Matt Becker, Daniel Hughes, Karl Ring, Brennan Rose, Brendan Light, Caleb Havens, Travis Braunwalder, Les Hopper, Jeramie Vaine, Thomas Maximus, Brian Haag, and Rob Rojas.

Thanks to La Familia for volunteering your time to help run the SupFiesta: Mama C, Brandi Baksic, Morgan Hoesterey, Mike Mauri, Ron House, Mike Downey, Jericho Poppler, Brent Pascoe, Andre Niemeyer, Chris Brackett, Barry Blackburn and Pat Higginson.

Sponsors: Surftech, Daphne’s California Greek, Supconnect, Sweet Waterwear, Maui Jim, Quickblade, Ultimate SUP Showdown, Bark, Infinity, Boga, SuptheMag, South Tahoe Standup Paddle, On it Pro, Victory Kore Dry, Surffur, Boardworks, Positive Existence, GoodOnYa Bar, Kicker Audio, FCS, and Humu Surf Co.

Product donations: Hurley, Vita Coco, Stance, Ocean Minded, Clif Bar.

2nd Annual Jr Pro & Youth SUP Fiesta SUP Surf Results

8 & Under Mixed

1. Chargin Marvin Freitas
2. Malaya Ring
3. Scarlett Schremmer
4. Isabella Carreno
5. Jacob Brackett

9-11 Boys

1. Kai McPhillips
2. Chance Hendricks
3. Dax McPhillips
4. Alex Mawae
5. Guilherme Cunha
6. Dane Hillis

9-11 Girls

1. Sasha Ka’uhane
2. Leilani Lapointe
3. Alexandria Higginson
4. Delaney Kuepper
5. Jessica Brackett
5. Zoe Carter
5. Belah Ellis

12-14 Boys

1. Felipe Gaspar
2. Blue Engelking
3. Trent Carter
4. Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen
5. Josiah Brackett
6. Joshua Brackett

12-14 Girls

1. Mason Schremmer
2. Lola Schremmer
3. Christine Shoemaker
4. Anna Blackburn
5. Kali’a Alexiou
6. Josie Mawae

15-17 Boys

1. Sam Bark
2. Ryan Maloney
3. Myles Blazer
4. Trevor Bashor
5. Peter Shoemaker
6. Nick Scheel

Junior Pro Girls

1. Fiona Wylde $1000
2. Izzi Gomez $750
3. Vanina Walsh $500
4. Natalia Smith $350

Junior Pro Boys

1. Mo Freitas $1000
2. Felippe Gaspar $750
3. Ridge Lenny $500
4. Bernd Roediger $350

2nd Annual Jr Pro & Youth SUP Fiesta Race Results (Top 3 Awarded)

8 & Under Mixed

1. Chargin Marvin Freitas
2. Malay Ring
3. Jacob Brackett
4. Walker Graham
5. Trevor Mencinsky
6. Kaile Nemeth

Boys 9-11

1. Kai McPhillips
2. Alex Mawae
3. Dax McPhillips
4. Rhys Staples
5. Dane Hillis
6. Guilhuerme Cunha
7. Conrad Rojas
8. Matix Springer
9. Phoeniz Sanchez
10. Chance Hendricks
11. Michael Cuda
12. Gavin Mencinsky
13. Jonas Graham

Girls 9-11

1. Sasha Ka’uhane
2. Alexandria Higginson
3. Jade Howson
4. Jessica Brackett
5. Zoe Carter
6. Elika Nemeth
7. Delila Quinn
8. Belah Ellis
9. Lyla Clark

Boys 12-14

1. Felipe Gaspar
2. Josiah Brackett
3. Haakon Hoyer-Nielson
4. Blue Engelking
5. Trent Carter
6. Joshua Brackett
7. Jonathan Lapointe
8. Ryan Funk
9. Tyler Bashor

Girls 12-14

1. Izzi Gomez
2. Christine Shoemaker
3. Jane Staples
4. Lara Claydon
5. Erika Benitez
6. Lexi Alston
7. Kali’a Alexiou
8. Anna Blackburn
9. Josie Mawae
10. Elan Lindsey
11. Sofia Sanchez

Boys 15-17

1. Mo Freitas
2. Noa Hopper
3. Max Fleming
4. Bernd Roediger
5. Myles Blazer
6. Nick Scheel
7. Ryan Maloney
8. Peter Shoemaker
9. Trevor Bashor

Girls 15-17

1. Fiona Wylde
2. Natalia Smith
3. Emily Bark
4. Alleanna Clark

Special Awards:

Ocean Minded, Sportsmanship (girls): Alleanna Clark
Ocean Minded, Sportsmanship (boys): Yuri Daberkow

Indo Board, Report Card Improvement: Max Fleming
FCS, Academic Excellence: Haakon Hoyer-Nielson

Kicker Audio, Best Maneuver: Mo Freitas

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