Performance Paddling is excited to announce the Catalina Ocean Experience 2018.  Guided by elite paddlers Anthony Vela and Morgan Hoesterey, this 4-day, 3-night ocean adventure will take place in the pristine blue water of Catalina Island. Open to both standup and prone paddlers looking to be more comfortable in, on, and around the ocean; the weekend will be spent paddling, freediving, camping, and learning about the ocean.

After arriving in Two Harbors Thursday morning, participants will be treated to a brief history of the area from Two Harbors local paddler Natalie Foote, followed by a lesson in adventure paddling basics including strategy, planning, packing and safety.  Participants will then put that knowledge to use as they paddle to a remote campsite where they will spend three nights sleeping under the stars.

In addition to the fundamentals of adventure paddling, participants will be exposed to activities geared toward becoming better overall ocean athletes.  Anthony Vela will use his years of experience as an ocean lifeguard, elite paddler and coach to help participants learn more about the ocean.  Morgan Hoesterey will utilize the area’s pristine blue water to teach breath holding tactics and freediving basics.


“Of all the ways you can have fun paddling,” says Morgan Hoesterey, “adventure paddling is definitely my favorite.  I love being out in the ocean, under my own power, and ending up in remote locations.  Each opportunity I have had to do these things has really been empowering, and that empowered feeling always stays with me, even off of the water.  Over the past few years, I have been lucky to have participated in various paddling adventures; and now, I am so excited to team up with Anthony Vela to share some of the tips and lessons that we both have learned along the way.”

Together Anthony and Morgan have over 40 years of experience paddling, training, racing, freediving, adventuring, and having fun.  Join the adventure!

For 2018 there are two adventures available:

Little Harbor – Rated “One of the Best Campgrounds in the West” by Sunset Magazine, this beautiful campground is the only one on the remote “backside” of Catalina.  Located about seven miles east of Two Harbors, Little Harbor is a sandy, beachfront campground with extraordinary sunsets.

  • When: Thursday June 28 – Sunday July 1
  • Who: Open to sup & prone paddlers looking for a new adventure*
  • Cost: $1250 – Includes all meals, transportation to and from Catalina, board transportation or rental, video & photos, and sponsor giveaways
  • Limited to 8 participants

*Must be able to paddle 5 miles continuous


Parsons Landing – The Parsons Landing Campground is a secluded beach camping site located seven miles west of Two Harbors by land.   These primitive campsites are accessible only via a moderately difficult hike or by paddling. There is no running water at Parsons Landing, and very little cell phone service.  Participants for this trip must be willing to make the 5-mile paddle to the campsite with their gear.  This is guaranteed to be a trip to remember.

  • When: Thursday September 6 – Sunday September 9
  • Who: Open to sup & prone paddlers looking for a new adventure*
  • Cost: $1250 – Includes all meals, transportation to and from Catalina, board transportation or rental, video & photos, and sponsor giveaways
  • Limited to 8 participants

*Must be able to paddle 5 miles continuous

How much paddling experience is required?

All levels of paddlers are welcome to join the adventure.  Because we will be paddling to our remote campsite, the only requirement is that paddlers are comfortable paddling 5 miles at a time in open ocean.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Yes, a wetsuit is required for the freediving portion.  The ocean temperature off Catalina this time of year tends to be in the 60s, so a 4/3 mil full suit is recommended, but a 2/3 mil full suit will work.

If you don’t own a wetsuit, please let us know ahead of time and we will set you up with a rental.

Do I need to bring my own camping gear?

Camping gear will be provided, however, you are more than welcome to bring your own gear if it makes you feel more comfortable.  If you do plan on bringing your own gear, please also notify us in advance so we know not to rent equipment for you.

I have never tried freediving.  Is this a problem?

Not at all.  The freediving portion of the adventure is at a beginner level and is meant to help participants learn about breathing and to become more comfortable in the water.

How much hiking and/or climbing will we be doing?

 Weather permitting, we do have a hike on the itinerary, but if land sports aren’t your thing for whatever reason, you are welcome to take a break during that time.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Spring weather in Southern California is typically really comfortable,  with daytime temperatures typically in the 60s and 70s .  However, it has been a really rainy year this year, so it is a good idea to be prepared for anything.  Because we will be camping, it is recommended that you bring top and bottom base layers, at least one warm pair of socks, a sweatshirt and a jacket that will keep you warm at night.

With this, and with all other paddle adventures, we recommend bringing a waterproof jacket or windbreaker.

What will the food be like?

 All meals will be provided by a local chef in Two Harbors.  Dinners will most likely be BBQ, so if you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know ahead of time so that we can accommodate you.

Will there be cell service?

Cell service on the island will be hit and miss depending on where we are, so it is best to plan for no cell service at all.  After all, the whole point of going on an adventure is to get away from civilization for awhile (don’t worry, you can make all of your friends jealous on social media when you get back).

What should I bring?

Paddle, wetsuit (preferably a 4/3), mask, snorkel, fins, hiking/running Shoes, dry bag, reusable water bottle, sleeping bag (recommended, but not required), sunscreen, hydration Pack, waterproof case for cameras and cell phones, head lamp, toothbrush & toothpaste, a positive attitude.