4th Annual Quickblade Junior Pro & Youth SupFiesta

presented by Infinity 

Saturday & Sunday May 7-8, 2016

“Youth Inspiring Youth”  

A youth only stand up paddle event for paddlers aged 17 & under.  There are three events in the SupFiesta: A Junior Pro Invitation Sup Surfing competition, Age Group Sup Surfing competition (7 divisions), Age Group Sup Race (7 divisions).

Entry Fees
Junior Pro: $80. By Invitation only                                                                        
Age Group Surfing and/or Racing: $35 for first division, $50 both divisions
Includes goodie bad, event t-shirt, Saturday dinner, and Sunday lunch
Extra t-shirts, Saturday dinners, and Sunday lunches available for purchase during registration

3rd Annual SupFiesta Video

Click to watch the 3rd Annual SupFiesta Video

Saturday May 7, 2016 
SupFiesta Grand Prix    
Newport Aquatic Center

  • On Saturday we will hold the SupFiesta Grand Prix.
  • The Grand Prix will feature two races:  the Flyin Mile, and the Sup Scramble.
  • Competitors will compete in both races with each race counting towards their final placing.
  • The Flyin Mile will test each athlete’s sheer paddling speed and endurance over this short 1-mile course.
  • The Sup Scramble will feature six turns which will showcase each athlete’s technical abilities and strategy.
  • Courses will be posted the night before the races.
  • Competitors will earn points based of placing for each event.  1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd 3 points for 3rd, etc.  After both events the competitor with the lowest total points will be 1st, 2nd lowest points will be 2nd, etc.  In the event of a tie, the Sup Scramble will be the tie breaker, meaning the competitor with the lowest place in the Sup Scramble will win the tie break.

View Sup Scramble Race Heats

Flying Mile Course Map (12-14’2 & 15-17′s)
Mini Flyin Mile Course Map (8 & U’s, 9-11′s)
Sup Scramble Course Map

Saturday Schedule
2:45-3:30pm Registration
3:45 Race Briefing
4:00 Races Start
4:00-4:30pm Flyin Mile
4:45-6:30 Sup Scramble
4:45pm Heat #1 15-17 Boys
5:00pm Heat #2 15-17 Girls
5:15pm Heat #3  12-14 Boys
5:30pm Heat #4 12-14 Girls
5:45pm Heat #5  9-11 Boys
6:00pm Heat #6  9-11 Girls
6:15pm Heat #7  8 & Under Boys/Girls
6:30 Awards/ Junior Pro Intros/Group Photo

Race Divisions:

Boys: 9-11, 12-14, 15-17
Girls: 9-11, 12-14, 15-17
8 & Under (Mixed Boys & Girls)

All race boards must be 12’6’’ or shorter for 15-17 & 12-14 divisions

All race boards must be 11′ or shorter for 9-11 & 8 and Under divisions 

All competitors must also have a PFD



Sunday May 8, 2016
Jr. Pro Invitational & Age Group SUP Surfing
Bolsa Chica State Beach
Low Tide: 5:03am -1.3’  High Tide: 11:22am 4.2’    Low Tide: 4:41pm 1.3

Between Lifeguard Towers 16 & 17
State Park Opens at 6am
$15 day use fee for parking, unless you have a State Park Pass

SUP Surfing Divisions: No Board Restrictions (12 competitors maximum per division)

Boys: 9-11, 12-14, 15-17
Girls: 9-11, 12-14, 15-17
8 & Under (Mixed Boys & Girls)  optional parent assist**

**Parent Assist: For the 8 & under sup surfing division, parent assist is allowed. Parents will not be allowed to bring a board or paddle into the line up, but may assist their child by swimming or standing in the surf zone. Swim fins are allowed for parents assisting their children. Please note that children who are being assisted by parents will only be able to score a maximum score of 4.0 (out of a 1-10 scale) on each wave. Parents that are assisting their children must also check in with the beach marshal before the start of the heat.

Junior Pro: This division is by invitation only. A total of 12 boys and 12 girls will be given invites to compete in this division. Junior Pro Invites that are 14 years old and under will be eligible to compete in the age group sup surfing competition, but those 15 and older will be ineligible.

Scarlett Schremmer

Sunday Schedule
7:00 Check in
7:20 Athlete Briefing
7:30 National Anthem & Blessing
7:40 Competition Begins
4:00 Awards
No Beach Entries. Registration ends Friday May 6, 8:00pm

Full Schedule with Race and Surf heats will be posted Saturday May 7

Surfing Format

For age group divisions there will be 15-minute heats of 6 surfers per heat.  Surfers will be judged on their top 2 waves out of a maximum of 10 waves.  For divisions with preliminary rounds, the top 3 surfers will advance to the next round.

Junior Pro heats will be 20 minutes, with a maximum of 4 surfers per heat.  Surfers will be judged on their top 2 waves out of a maximum of 10 waves.  The top 2 surfers from each preliminary heat will advance to the next round.

Judging Criteria

Surfers will be judged on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest possible score.  Judges will be looking for wave selection, length of ride, and functional maneuvers displaying speed, power and flow in the critical section of the wave.  Penalties will be given upon an interference call for either positionint/”right of way”  errors and to those who receive more than 1 warning to remain standing during the heat, unless there is inherent danger.  See Beach Marshall before heat for further information.


Scoring Scale        

0-1.9 Poor
2.0-3.9 Fair
4.0-5.9 Average
6.0-7.9 Good
8.0-10.00 Excellent


Sup Races: Trophies and goodie bags will be awarded to the top 3 in each division.
Sup Surfing: Trophies and goodie bags will be awarded to the top 6 in each division.
Junior Pro Surfing:  Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to the top 4 finalists in each division.

Junior Pro Prize Money Breakdown:

1st  $1,000
2nd $750
3rd  $500
4th  $250

Overall Awards:  For the first time the SupFiesta will feature an overall champion for each age group (must have at least 3 competitors that compete in both disciplines per division).  Age group competitors will earn points from their placings in the age group sup surf contest, and the grand prix.  The competitors with the lowest combined placings in each of the eligible age groups will be recognized.

Just like we have done in years past, we will be giving out some special awards.  We like to celebrate education and the importance of hard work in school. With that, we will give out special prizes for our Report Card Improvement Award, as well as Academic Excellence Award. Both winners will receive a FCS prize pack.

  • To be eligible for the report card improvement award, please submit your most current report card or progress report as well as the previous semesters report card, at registration in an envelope marked “Report Card Improvement”.
  • To be eligible for the Academic Excellence Award, please submit your current report card along with a summary of extra curricular activities (sports, music, job, volunteer work, etc.) at registration, in an envelope marked “Academic Excellence”.
  • Special awards will be awarded on Sunday afternoon. 

Let’s Celebrate our Mothers!!!

Since May 8th is Mother’s Day, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate our Moms! We will be having a Mother’s Day Essay contest.

  • We will be giving out prizes through out the day on Sunday, for those of you who submit a written or typed essay about “Why My Mom is Awesome”.
  • Please submit your essay at registration, in an envelope marked “Mothers Day Essay”.
  • We will be reading these essays on Sunday to celebrate our awesome moms!
  • Questions regarding the special awards contest, please email
  • All submissions must be turned in at Saturday or Sunday registration, not via email.


Eventbrite - 4th Annual Quickblade Jr Pro & Youth SUP Fiesta presented by Infinity

Sponsorship inquiries or questions please contact


Saturday morning we will be supporting the Standup for the Cure event in the back bay of Newport just across the bay from the Newport Aquatic Center.  Athletes and families are encouraged to attend.




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